A.DAY.18 Dordrecht Rotterdam #2

laatste update: 04-2021

Excursion weekend A.DAY.18 DORDRECHT the Netherlands – city & region
We visit many projects, with comments by the architects who designed the buildings.

PROGRAM Sunday 7 October 2018 – Rotterdam, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Dordrecht
07.30 breakfast at the nhow hotel in ‘De Rotterdam’, a building of O.M.A.; Check out 08.30
08.40 explanation of the architecture of ‘De Rotterdam’ by Kees van Casteren / O.M.A.
09.20 walk to the jetty of the Erasmus Bridge and board on our ‘direct’ A.DAY waterbus
09.40 sailing to Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht with explanation of the ‘RiverArt route’ by Han Bakker
10.45 reception with coffee at the Experience & Innovation center AREA78 – Bolidt. The project is explained by architect Joris Lüchinger / Lüchinger Architects and designer Niels de Jong / Kossmann.dejong
11.30 lecture by Mark de Jong and Niels de Jong / Kossmann.dejong on ‘Experience design’
12.00 walking lunch in the A.DAY.18 exhibition, designed by Joris Lüchinger
14.00 lecture ‘Water inspired Materials’ by Els Zijlstra / MaterialMatchmaker / Materia
14.30 transfer to Villa Augustus in Dordrecht
15.15 explanation of the reallocation of pump building and water tower by Daan van der Have
15.30 high tea in the ‘Limonaia’ of Villa Augustus with the creative ‘developers’ of the project
17.00 end program A.DAY.18

Initiative & organization: AMD-ABITARE / Ann Maes & Marleen Bruurs

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