Abandoned for 30 Years: Inside The Incredible Monte Palace Hotel

laatste update: 04-2021

In 1990, the brand new Monte Palace Hotel won an award for Best Hotel Of The Year. Within a few months, it closed down and never reopened. What happened? I went to explore the story behind one of the world’s most extraordinary abandoned buildings…


This beautifully-written blog about the history of the hotel:

Jorge Loures’ superb 2011 YouTube documentary about the hotel – this is where I got all the old photos and news clippings from:

The spectacular drone shots are from this video by Irmãos Brother:

And finally thanks to Atlas Obscura, the website where I found out about the hotel in the first place!

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  1. I too am familiar with the lofty heights of the Reading hexagon roof, the sweeping canyon that is Broad Street and the majestic mass of the Oracle, it is indeed like the Azores but better.

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    This was a special place. My buttocks still clenches upon hearing the name ! I was young back then, it was before my second sex change, still firm yet malleable !


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