Amsterdam March | Cycling

laatste update: 04-2021

🔵In this video I’m riding the bike through Amsterdam in March. March in Amsterdam has it’s beautiful sunny days, but also the occasional rainy day or grey day like this one. It was quite sunny in the morning, but for the rest of the midday (when I was cycling in Amsterdam) the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Anyways this gives a good impression of how a typical March day in Amsterdam can be. 🔵Please consider subscribing for more video’s about Amsterdam!

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On this channel I’m posting video’s about Amsterdam. Things like Amsterdam Top 10 video’s (about for example Museums, Squares or Bridges) or Amsterdam To Do video’s like going to known and unknown areas. And I also cover Amsterdam walking route and Amsterdam cycle route videos in several area’s of the city. I show you what to do in Amsterdam but also things to do outside Amsterdam. In some of the video’s I’ll have CouchSurfers who are CouchSurfing at my place during the time of filming.

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  1. Your video, which improves the quality of life and makes it more beautiful, captivates me. I am grateful for your hard work and hope that your channel will grow day by day with good luck. thank!


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