AMSTERDAM NIGHT LIFE NOW? (Leidseplein Walk with INFO)

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How is the situation for #AMSTERDAM city night life NOW?
While we walk in the night heart of Amsterdam, “Leidseplein” i will be giving the latest info about the general rules and protective measures for cafe, restaurants, bars etc.


0:00 Max Euweplein
0:40 Singelgracht and Vondelpark view
1:17 Holland Casino
2:04 Hard Rock Cafe Bar
3:14 Weteringschans
5:15 Palladium
6:00 Leidseplein
7:15 International Theater
8:00 The Bulldog
9:15 Walk in the pub cafe area
11:48 Lange Leidsedwarsstraat
14:10 Leidsekruisstraat
16:20 Leidseplein

Recorded on : 29 Aug 2020

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30 gedachten over “AMSTERDAM NIGHT LIFE NOW? (Leidseplein Walk with INFO)”

  1. Great video – I usually stay for a month in July every year on Leisekade just around the corner so that area is my hangout area – usually @ the Bull Dog Palace daily / not this year (USA) . I gotta tell you though, the proximity of the people to each other would make a Covid MD's hair stand up. I get it, it's the Dammer, everybody wants to get it on!!! WooHoo!

  2. In the video it is clear that many people don't keep enough distance,. And the number of new cases every day is still much too high. If you plan to visit Amsterdam, I recommend to wait till Summer next year and first verify that the situation is much better then.

  3. Thank you for the video of Amstedam city scene. As well as the pandemic situation in the city. looking at the scene of everyone having fun activities, really enjoyed. I hope the pandemic will be over soon so that everyone can return to a normal life. There is no need to go through medical procedures on arrival in public. Wish you and your family always be healthy and happy

    p / s: I also really like the flute at the beginning of the video ^^

  4. Corona has changed our daily lives too much.😔
    There's a limit on the number of people staying in the restaurant.

    Recently, Corona is spreading again in Seoul, so we can only pack food at restaurants after 9 p.m. 😭

    I want to have a normal life like last year….😂

  5. Next video up on the screen. I have turned on the volume on this one, nothing makes me happier than listening to drunk people explain the world to us 🙂 It is interesting to see the lack of face masks, even with your explanation. It could also be that at one point here in New York we were the epicenter of the world for infections and deaths, so we are overly cautious. Entertainment establishments of every kind are still not open in New York, only those with outdoor seating areas.

  6. Absolutely love this video …. Amsterdam is only 50 mins flying time from me here in Liverpool but at the moment it seems "light years" away 🤦🏻‍♂️… These updates are keeping me going until I can get back there and see my friend s. So thank you for this 👍

  7. Beautiful city ❤ can't wait to get back and the rules seem pretty smart, in the UK you have to wear a mask on public transport and in shops, better to have businesses up and running again I don't think anyone can afford going into lockdown again the UK is already officially in a recession. I think its just common sense now if your older/have a health problem take extra care.

  8. Ah I absolutely love the City of Amsterdam I’m thinking of going again at some point do you think going now or waiting a while is the best idea ?

    Because I was wondering if all the restrictions ruin the experience of being in Amsterdam

    as in are the streets and the red light district is less busy at night due to the virus or does it still have an atmosphere and the city is still lively with lots of people?


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