Amsterdam travel guide. Top-7 sights of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and one of the most picturesque and bike-friendly European cities. It was founded more than 700 years ago, during the construction of a small dam on the Amstel river.

It was quite difficult to choose only 7 attractions for Amsterdam travel, but we hope you will like our rating.
All of these attractions can be explored independently or in interesting tours led by guides and locals. They are cheaper to book in advance, just like your stay.

Let’s get started with the top-7 interesting places in Amsterdam.

In the 7th place is the Flower Market. It is located along the embankment of the Singel Canal in city center. It’s also called a floating market, so many expect it to be afloat. In fact, flowers, seeds and souvenirs are being sold on barges. Fresh flowers at the best prices can be found in the last pavilion close to the Coin Tower.

In the 6th place is the Museum Square, one of the largest and most famous squares in Amsterdam. Here are four of the country’s most famous museums – the Rijksmuseum or the Dutch national museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Amsterdam City Museum and the Diamond Museum. Various public events, such as festivals and holidays, are held on the square. It was fully reconstructed in 1999.

The 5th place in our Amsterdam tour is shared by two museums – the National Maritime Museum and the NEMO Science Museum. National Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum is one of the most visited in the country. It holds 11 exhibitions about the marine history of Holland, from whaling to the modern harbor life. In good weather you can explore the real ship, moored next to it.

The NEMO museum is the largest science museum in the Netherlands. It is located to the right of the Central Station and the Maritime Museum. Each of the building’s four floors is dedicated to a specific topic. They explain a chain reaction and DNA, metals, electricity, chemistry, biology, and living organisms.

The 4th place in our Amsterdam travel guide is for the St. Nicholas Basilica, the city’s primary Catholic church. Its facade is flanked by two towers with a rose window in between them. In the rear stands a massive octagonal tower with a Baroque dome and a large cross. The St. Nicholas Basilica is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Amsterdam.

In the 3rd Amsterdam places to visit is Chinatown, located near the famous Red Light District. Several decades ago, it was a notorious place, where the drug trade flourished. Nowadays, the area has become completely Chinese. There are cafes, restaurants, boutiques and even a Buddhist temple, which was opened in 2000. It is considered the largest Chinese temple built in Europe. If you plan to visit the district, come on Chinese New Year, when its streets are decorated with paper lanterns and dragons.

In the 2nd place are the oldest church in Amsterdam and the city’s most famous landmark – the Red Light District. Old Church at the Red Light District.

The Oude Kerk, which translates as the Old Church, started from a wooden chapel in 1213. The construction of a stone church was consecrated almost a hundred years later. The Oude Kerk received its current look after a long reconstruction that finished in 1979.

The Red Light District is called by locals De Walletjes – the Walls – because of the city fortifications that stood here. All the most interesting happens here when the sun goes down. The music is playing for the heated crowd, and girls sitting in illuminated windows fit every taste. Since the 14th century, churches, taverns and brothels have been coexisting here.

The leader of our rating Amsterdam attractions is Dam Square. This is the main square, named after a dam built on the Amstel river in the mid-13th century. The dam had grown and turned into this area, giving rise to the whole city. Here are the main attractions of Amsterdam: the Royal Palace, the New Church, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the National Monument.

The Royal Palace was built as a city hall. It later became the palace for Louis Bonaparte, the King of Holland, and the Dutch royal house.

Nieuwe Kerk or the New Church is the second surviving temple in the capital of the Netherlands. Built in the 15th century as Catholic, it was then converted to Protestant, and transformed in 2009 into a museum building that hosts exhibitions and concerts of organ music.

Now you know which of the attractions of Venice of the North are worth visiting first. Leave your comment below, what other landmarks we should include. Share with us, what your impressions from Amsterdam were.

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