ASMR Friends to Lovers Roleplay – Romance in a Hotel Hot Tub (M4M) in 2021

laatste update: 04-2021

Two bros chill in a hot tub that’s a bit too small. What kind of shenanigans could this lead to? (No homo)

Within this past week, we hit 1000 sbubscribies! Thank you all so much for support and for being awesome!

Also, I know I promised to get a Discord up and running soon. That is still coming but had to be delayed due to work. Sorry!


Hope you all enjoy! :3


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  1. Facts on the relationship/single discussions. Sometimes it’s like people throw their love and relationship, in my face.

    Like I don’t have enough trouble being single. I mean sometimes I don’t even notice unless I think about it.

    But I think your kind of my pretend boyfriend. Since I never had one before, it’s embarrassing to say. 😒💖

  2. For one, I am on one knee- please either marry me or go to a con with me 😭 /j
    Also I know that it’s technically not an actual con that this probably takes place at but why do I feel like I might know what con might’ve been partial inspiration for it? 👁👄👁 (god that probably made no sense)


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