City Center Market – Cities Skylines: The Netherlands 02

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Welcome back! In this episode, we build an outdoor market in the core of the city. It’s loosely inspired by the Vismarkt in Groningen and comes together very nicely. Gèze’s glorious market props make the place come to life so well! Hope you enjoy!

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If you’re new, The Netherlands is a Cities: Skylines series where I’m making a small city inspired by Groningen in, you guessed it, The Netherlands. The city I’m building in this series is called “Fietsstad,” which translates to “bike city.” I’ll be focusing on features such as an old town center, a canal system, planned post-war development, farms, rural villages, and, of course, tons of cycling infrastructure.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Timelapse: Placing the First Buildings
6:24 Timelapse: Building the Market
15:23 Live Tour
28:28 Closing Cinematics

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EXPANSIONS USED (these may change throughout the series)
– Snowfall
– After Dark
– Parklife
– Mass Transit
– European Suburbia Content Creator Pack by Avanya

Map theme: Rheingold by Hadece, available for her patrons:
LUT (Relight 2 North)
The Netherlands assets collection:
The Netherlands mods collection:

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30 gedachten over “City Center Market – Cities Skylines: The Netherlands 02”

  1. I lived in the Netherlands for a year or so and all I can say is you need to add ally ways!! They were literally so fun to take pictures in, sometimes even hang in. I lived in Amsterdam mostly but also Utrecht and Rotterdam too.

  2. I am from the province from Groningen, so close to the city. The general looks of the ''vismarkt'' looks pretty good. There would be an old cityhall looking building before the church (and church would point away from the market). You kinda placed it at the other side of the place. It does not have a roofed market hall. A general name for a Dutch market is grote markt (Groningen also has one, means large market).
    And the market on the vismarkt is not only for fish haha, that name is just for old days.

    This market would also have a little ring around it where cars and bikes go on, the market itself is a bit raised. And from the market a lot of little roads go into the city.

  3. ( NL ) nice job offt the Vismarkt in Groningen , vismarkt heeft op dinsdag , donderdag , zaterdag , markt met van alles nog wat . het grote bebouw dat jij heb gezet op de vismarkt is al jaren verhuist naar de Grote markt het is een pannenkoekhuis .

    waar jij het gebouw heb geplaatst is nu een soort trap waar op je kan zitten .

    met de fiets mag je niet bij de kramen langs op de vismarkt ,

    we hebben geen muziek kapel op de vismarkt in Groningen .

    en onder de vismarkt is geen fietsenstalling die is wel bij het station in Groningen fietsen staan tegen de bomen aan en vrachtwagens mogen niet gepakeert staan op de vismarkt in Groningen .

    maar bij de A-kerk op de vismarkt in Groningen hebben we wel een Grote gebouw staan daar in zitten winkels .

    ik weet niet zeker dat we een hotel hebben op de vismarkt in Groningen. op de vismarkt in Groningen hebben we geen Concerthal.

    de kerk die je er als 2 neer zette lijkt een beetje op onze A-kerk allen de bovenkant van de kerk is Geel bij de A-kerk kijk maar op Google Eart en dan vismarkt Groningen .

    de 3de kerk die jij er neer zette lijkt een beetje op onze martinitoren die hoort dus op de Grote markt wat links van de Vismarkt licht .

    In Groningen is alles dicht op mekaar gebouwd dat er haast geen lege plekken of afstanden tussen gebouwen zijn . de meeste dingen die verkocht worden op de Vismarkt is dan ook echt veel viskramen er staan.

    ( ENG ) nice job offt the Vismarkt in Groningen,

    has a fish market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, a market with a bit of everything.

    the large buildings that you have placed on the fish market have been moved to the Grote Markt for years,

    it is a pancake house. where you placed the building is now a kind of staircase where you can sit on.

    by bike you are not allowed to visit the stalls at the fish market,

    we do not have a music chapel at the fish market in Groningen. and there is no bicycle shed under the fish market,

    but at the station in Groningen bicycles are against the trees and trucks are not allowed to park at the fish market in Groningen.

    but at the A-church on the fish market in Groningen we do have a large building with shops. I'm not sure we have a hotel at the fish market in Groningen. we do not have a concert hall at the fish market in Groningen.

    the church that you put there as 2 looks a bit like our A-church, all the top of the church is Yellow at the A-church, just look at Google Eart and then fish market Groningen. the 3rd church that you put there looks a bit like our martini tower,

    so it belongs on the Grote Markt to the left of the Vismarkt light.

    In Groningen everything is built close together so that there are hardly any empty spaces or distances between buildings. most things that are sold on the Vismarkt is really a lot of fish stalls there.

  4. Your doing one hell of a job. I’ve tried to build my city in Cities Skylines on PS4 and it simply doesn’t work there. You need mods.

    Pagoda flag thing in center of the square has to go. We are very proud of our country and city, but in The Netherlands it is very rare to see Dutch flags anywhere else than government buildings.
    Also, when there is no market the square is very empty, no lanterns, no trees. They are on the other side of the road around the market on the sidewalk. And you generally see cyclists use the cobble square as a shortcut. And currently because of Corona there are a lot of extended outside seating areas on the squares to create 6ft separation everywhere.
    And when you’re going for Groningen, the color of our roads are quite iconic. They have for a very long time been a yellow sort of ochre color bricks. This goes for all the main cyclist only roads within our “canalbelt” circling the center. ( we call it a grachtengordel, which is unpronounceable for you, but please try for our entertainment)

  5. One suggestion, make sure to build a port. If there’s one thing us Europeans are crazy for, it’s ports. Liverpool, Southampton, Bremen, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, the list goes on.
    Edit: Try the St Mary’s Cathedral asset!

  6. Fun fact, de Vismarkt (= Fish market) in Groningen used to have its own branch of canal to unload the fish to the market (ran where the A-kerk now stands). For realistic old city center. The size of the market you have now is very large, this is also the case with the city center. Cut the size in half and its more fitting. Also, water towers are sometimes located at the edge of the old center, but never in the center. I read the many comments about the flag and the gazebo, so no need for that anymore. By the way, to save nodes, try using 'remove need for water pipes' and 'remove need for power lines'. I really love those mods. Keep up the good work, make the Dutchies proud! 😉

  7. not dutch, but travelling through Europe you will find a real mixture of styles, esp for prominent buildings, so having a German-style neoclassical building in an otherwise Dutch city isn't particularly unusual (esp if it's in the northern Netherlands nearer Germany)

  8. Definitely not for this part of the city, but there's a cool double layer bike/car roundabout in Arnhem called the Airborneplein. It connects the main road around the old centre (that most Dutch cities have) with a road in the centre and a connecting road to other parts of the city, while also connecting a bunch of bikepaths that tunnel under the main roads. You can find it at this link:,5.91492519,10.08819995a,125.69771872d,35y,0h,59.99897443t,0r

    Edit: For the market, most markets in the Netherlands are just called "Grote Markt", meaning large market, or "Oude Markt" (old market)

  9. The market in Groningen is very typically called 'Grote Markt', so you should probably just go with that. As others have suggested as well, the gazebo like thing looks out of place. A simple statue would work. Also, that container truck is way too big. Instead, place some small trucks and minivans. I would remove the flags, especially the vertical ones. Just have one on the Stadhuis (local government). We Dutch aren't very nationalistic.

  10. Since Groningen is the inspiration try searching for "groningen fietstad" in youtube. A lot of the results are in English and at least you can see a lot of scenes of bike infrastructure and buildings.

    The channel "Not Just Bikes" is an English language channel which mainly describes how Dutch infrastructure is organized with examples of traffic situations. Not focused on Groningen but gives examples of the mindset of Dutch cityplanners.

  11. You should check the city of Maastricht for the ''17th century'' style centre. It is the oldest city in the Netherlands. Build on the side of the river Maas. It has a lot of pre-war and post-war development. It is one of the nicest looking cities imo.

  12. Hi! I'm from the netherlands, and I have a tip: you can use the german buildings, but don't use them too much. As European, I see defineatly difference between the german and dutch buildings. You are doing a great job and keep up the good work!

  13. Im Ronnie from The Netherlands, Deventer and i follow u now i think 4 years, i like ur City Skylies episodes, and hope that, if u search on Deventer u can mayby try to put it in the game so far possible, i know its a game so u can mayby not find all the things u needed but ur episodes are nice 🙂

  14. You read every single comment?
    You're awesome. Not just for reading all our comments, but also for being you. Hope the move goes well, hope the videos keep having this new level of viewership, hope life gets even more awesome.


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