Coffeeshops in Amsterdam : Beginner smoker tips

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Can not go to Amsterdam without talking about coffeeshops. Some tips if you have never smoked cannabis or if you visit Amsterdam for the first time. (in french)

Far from being as popular among locals as they are among the strtangers, coffeeshops continue to attract an eclectic crowd, mostly men under 30. The goal varies between legally trying cannabis and derivatives and putting your head upside down with your friends.

With, we wanted to take a tour in a few coffees and come back with tips for those who would like to smoke grass or hash in Amsterdam.

And it is not so simple, the legislation prohibits any advertising for coffeshops and many consider that to speak face camera, it is already to advertise.

The other difficulty is not to finish stoned before the interview begins. In the coffeeshops, you will not find many Buddhist apprentices favoring the middle way. The joints are loaded, the smokers motivated and the smoke is for everyone.

If you have never smoked and want to see what it looks like, get into a coffee with a little bit of people in it – if there is nobody it does not work as well, and order tea or fruit juice . After 10 minutes you will feel your eyelids heavier, your diction will be a little more awkward and your body relaxed, soft. Passive cannabism in all its splendor. Of course, smoking is a little more marked. And if you attend a “tasting”, it’s even more violent.

We did not smoke during the interview, but it was a bit rougher than usual.

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30 gedachten over “Coffeeshops in Amsterdam : Beginner smoker tips”

  1. De wiet die in Nederland momenteel verkocht wordt in coffeeshops is niet goed Er zitten teveel verdelgingsmiddelen in omdat er geen controle op is daar tegen de dure Amerikaanse wiet is wel schoon

  2. If you're a real smoker skip Amsterdam and go to Barcelona. I couldn't find any good bud in Amsterdam. I went to 30 coffee shops and found nothing affordable. The hash is ok. However, I couldn't Rosin, shatter, wax , crumbles, sugars or sauce ect…. I'm from California so maybe my standards are high. But, I've gotten better weed for a better price in New York city.

  3. Wrong Heres the first thing you do YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOUR BODY LIKES INDICA or SATIVA OR MIXTURE FIND SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PRESCRIBE YOUR NEEDS and all those that read this and say i just wanna get high FLUCKOFF

  4. Many young tourists come to Amsterdam for the coffeeshops and bars. These tourists cause the most nuisance in the city, because of noise, littering and extra deployment of emergency services. They negatively affect the quality of life for citizens. Several ways are considered to discourage these tourists from visiting Amsterdam.


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