Dutch Culture! 18 Unmissable Typical Dutch Foods

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Welcome to this food-focussed Dutch culture guide covering some of the most typical Dutch snacks and dishes you can find in Holland – don’t watch on an empty stomach! 😅

I spent a few “gezellig” days eating my way around the cities of Den Haag and Utrecht, absorbing the Dutch culture and scoffing everything in sight. From stroopwafel to herring, cakes to coffee, natural wines to Indonesian food, croquettes to Lebanese street food, monastery-brewed beers to organic breakfasts. And a lot more in between. Super lekker! 🤤

In this video I share 18 typical Dutch culture foods to try in these two beautiful and often overlooked cities. This list showcases the diversity that can be found in Den Haag and Utrecht and just what great foodie destinations they are.

Below are all the places I visited along with their websites, and you can skip straight to each section in the video too if you want to.

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1:00 – The 12th century Oudegracht is the oldest canal in Utrecht Oudegracht

1:16 – awesome 3 hour Utrecht Street Food Tour

1:38 – all manner of delicious and different flavoured peanut butters in De Pindakaaswinkel

1:53 – gorgeous little chocolates with an imprint of the Dom Tower from the almost 100 year old confectioners Theo Blom

2:14 – don’t miss a deep fried snack or two from a Febo snack bar

2:44 – sample some gourmet croquettes from Croquetten Boutique

3:09 – head to Vredenburg Market to try lots of different local Dutch food

3:31 – time for the local delicacy of Dutch herring (haring) from Hillebrand de Graaf

4:05 – the Dutch love their potatoes, head to Jacketz for some really loaded ones

4:15 – gorgeous, gooey and still-warm stroopwafels from Waffel, with a fantastic array of toppings. They do vegan ones too!

4:33 – Gastmaal is the place to go for inventive small plates and a big natural wine collection

4:45 – you’ll find beautiful rooms at The Anthony Hotel

4:56 – Gys offer up a fully vegan or vegetarian breakfast spread, and everything is organic


5:11 – spend some time soaking up the sun – or getting blown away by the wind! – at Scheveningen Beach

5:29 – a fantastic 3.5hr food tour around The Hague with Kerensa from Bites & Stories

5:31 – pop into Bakkertje to try some delicious local cake – it’s the oldest bakery in Den Haag!

5:56 – stop for a huge meatball Dutch snack from the famous Dungelmann butchers, who are also the meat suppliers for the Dutch royal family

6:27 – get your caffeine fix from coffee and chocolate shop Hop & Stork, where all hot drinks come with some of their wonderful chocolate

6:42 – don’t miss the excellent Lebanese street food spot Baladi for some seriously tasty man’ouche

6:55 – head to Huppel The Pub to try some Haagsche Broeder beer, brewed in the monastery down the road

7:33 – feast on Dutch Indonesian food at Soeboer

8:13 – start your day with breakfast at Anne & Max who use organic, biodynamic and fairtrade ingredients

8:40 – do not miss Voorlinden Art Museum full of really fantastic installations, give yourself at least a couple of hours there

9:23 – don’t leave Holland without trying kibbeling by the beach – watch out for the seagulls!

Please let me know if you have any questions!





This is a sponsored post in collaboration with EasyJet and Visit Holland. All creative direction and opinions remain my own, as always.


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  1. Hello lovely Dutch visitors! You may be wondering (and a bit annoyed as to) why I have referred to the country as Holland and not The Netherlands? This is because the tourism board for the country specifically instructed me to refer to the country only as Holland in this video and to not call it The Netherlands at all – I have no idea why 🤷‍♀️ I do understand there are several provinces in The Netherlands and only two of them have the word 'Holland' in. And you'll be pleased to know I refer to the country as The Netherlands in all other walks of life. The tourism website for the whole country is also https://www.holland.com/! Apologies if I've offended any Dutch people by referring to the country as Holland. May I suggest you take the matter up with the tourism board, perhaps enough emails can get them to change their branding! 🧡

  2. Very nice representation of my city Utrecht! I've been (or regularly go to) most of the places you've mentioned ❤️ I guess the only thing you have missed out is 'broodje Mario' – a famous sandwich in Utrecht

  3. By far the best channel of its kind I've encountered so far. Most people who go to the Netherlands don't seem to reallise there are places outside of Amsterdam. I love your enthousiasm and how you not only focus on the famous foods but the things that are part of the culture too. Like with the indonesian stuff.
    I do have to say, as someone who lives in the far south, the big city culture is very different to the one you'd find in Noord-Brabant or Limburg. Places worth checking out if you're ever back here.


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