Dutch Street Food in a Vending Machine? 🇳🇱

laatste update: 05-2021

While touring a few cities in the Netherlands I noticed that each city had a unique street food option that I have yet to encounter. I would call this street food similar to a vending machine however it serves hot typical Dutch snacks that have to be made fresh and changed by a human.

You simply put your money into the machine which then unlocks the magnetic locks giving you acess to the hot Netherlands street food. I tried as many as I could and trust me I was very hungry. All the snack where good so to show you which of the street food items I liked most I rated them on a scale of 1-10.

Incase you’re wondering where you can get this Dutch street food I found this one in Utrecht however I did come across them on my tours of all the other Dutch cities I visited on this trip in the Netherlands.

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30 gedachten over “Dutch Street Food in a Vending Machine? 🇳🇱”

  1. You weren't even close with the pronounciation of "Rundvleeskroket" :')
    You actually just fully raped that word, but it's fine.
    The difference between a "Rundvleeskroket" and a "Kalfsvleeskroket" is that the Kalfsvleeskroket is made of veal-meat and the Rundvleeskroket is just mature beef.

  2. Next time you try snacks from a vending machine try go to a “snackbar” that is not part of a chain or franchise, unlike the “FEBO” you tried here. The quality food is often better.

  3. This concept isn't bad but could use some updating for quality control and use less resources, have like wall of kiosk screens, you place your order and pay, and one guy fills your order at the slot under the kiosk, he just keeps his par levels up between the fryer and a holding oven.


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