Exploring #2 🌍 NOOTDORP, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

laatste update: 05-2022

Walking by Harathi Holland. my video about Nootdorp, a cute small town in South Holland, near Delft and The Hague.

Nootdorp is first mentioned in 1281, when the Noitdorper wech between the excavated peat land is mentioned. The Nootdorperweg is probably the same as the current Veenweg. In the peat-rich area, peat was planted on both sides of the Noitdorper wech, which was mainly intended for The Hague, but also for Delft and the Loosduinen abbey.

Nootdorp remained a small farming village until well into the 18th century. It had about 300 inhabitants in the mid-18th century. A hundred years later, that number had doubled. After the Second World War, the municipality started to grow. Construction of De Parade Shopping Center was completed in 2002. This was erected on the site of the Nootdorp Drafbaan.

The Windlust mill was built in 1781 in Delft and had served there as a run, snuff and full mill. It was dismantled in February 1885 and transported in parts to Nootdorp. In 1885 the reconstruction of the mill started, at the junction of the Oudeweg, Geerweg and what is then called the Strijf, the quay between the current Dwarskade area and the Dobbeplas area.

In the Dorpsstraat is the protestant village church with a tower from 1547. The previous church was demolished in 1894, with the exception of the tower. The new building went smoothly: 6 months after the laying of the first stone on October 1, 1894 the church was completely renovated again.

Quite a few historic houses are located on the Veenweg, as well as the Bartholomeuskerk. This Roman Catholic church dates from 1871 and was designed by Evert Margry. The church is listed as a monument and has been extensively renovated in the period 2009-2013.