Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Zeeduin

laatste update: 05-2022

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Zeeduin is located in Wijk aan Zee only 50 metres from the broadest beach on the Dutch coast. Endless walks through the dunes or along the beach can be easily alternated with a trip to maybe a vibrant city like Amsterdam, Haarlem or Alkmaar. The village Wijk aan Zee belongs to the district Beverwijk. This area is known for the Bazaar, or black market, where you can nose around some afternoon. The broad beach of Wijk aan Zee offers many possibilities for relaxation: in the summer you can go tanning, in the winter you can go for a nice long walk. Wijk aan Zee borders directly on an open area of dunes, the Noord-Holland Dune Reserve. This area offers unequalled peace and quiet. For some urban entertainment, night-life or shopping, guests can visit Haarlem, Amsterdam, or Alkmaar.

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