Friesland, The Netherlands – Sneek, Franeker, Leeuwarden, Harlingen- Jovie’s Homeland – Jovie’s Home in 2021

laatste update: 03-2021

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Hi, welcome to Jovie’s Home!

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Today we are sharing some of the fun and beauty of Friesland province in The Netherlands. We loved it so much!


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PS – If you’re wondering why my videos will always be in English, the answer is simple: more people in the world speak English than Dutch. I want this channel to be accessible and understandable for as many people as possible.

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30 gedachten over “Friesland, The Netherlands – Sneek, Franeker, Leeuwarden, Harlingen- Jovie’s Homeland – Jovie’s Home in 2021”

  1. Another great video. If you are going to N.Brabant I can recommend Willemstad which I have visited a couple of times. Just a great little town to wander round with lots of little quirks such as fairy doors on some of its trees. I cannot wait to get back to the Netherlands had to cancel this years cycle trip. Thanks for keeping a Scot in touch with my favourite non Scottish country.

  2. Nice video again guys 🙂 Being Dutch I would have to complain about the heat and this made it harder to do things and to be really active 😛 So next is Noord-Brabant? Will there be a Meet-and-Greet? I might come over then! Please could you let me know? 1 very unique tip to visit is the Loonse duinen.. a big Sahara of sand that is unique in The Netherlands. Would be a good spot to do the meet-and-greet! (Landgoed Bosch en Duin ) because it is central in Noord-Brabant.

  3. Hi! I am really enjoying watching your videos. I am an American of Dutch ancestry. Some of my ancestry has only been in America for a couple of generations while other lines have been here since New York was New Amsterdam. I grew up in the Holland, Zeeland, Borculo, Drenthe areas of Michigan where we celebrate our Dutch heritage every year at a festival known as Tulip Time. Recently my husband and I moved from the Holland, Michigan area to Southwest Missouri and it has been a culture shock for sure. I grew up in a place where every day the farmers would come in from the fields or barns for coffee. Everyday, at the same time, like clockwork, the restaurants would be full of farmers. On the weekends we had coffee at a relatives house. Here, in Southwest Missouri, people seem very uncomfortable with being invited to your home. It is interesting to watch your videos (and the videos of others) and see some of the cultural things that I took to be the norm here in America (and I'm learning it's not) be so similar in the Netherlands. I have always been curious about one thing though and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Where I came from in Holland, Michigan if you went into a Dutch family's home you never had to look for the trashcan. The trash was always kept under the sink on the right hand side. If someone asked where the trash was all you had to say was "I'm Dutch" and they knew where to find it. Do the Dutch in the Netherlands keep their trash under the sink on the right hand side?

  4. Well Jovi, I read the comments and I think that you got so many suggestions for your next post on the Dutch provinces that you would have to spend the rest of your life travelling around in the NL if you would take them on all. Thanx for the video . It's good to see for once your home country through foreign eyes,

  5. Yeeeeehhh you visit my Place of Birth: Harlingen. I left Harlingen for Work in The Hague, when I was 21. Soooooo glad because ‘in het Westen’ as we say (is this proper English?) in Fryslan you have to go, at that Time, for a Job. Oh, two tips: You can do a rowing workshop in a dinghy (sloep). Every year there is the ‘Harlingen-Terschelling Sloepenrace’. And very popular is to go to Terschelling or Vlieland also for a Day. Rent a Bike, online, and go for it. Terschelling is my favorite☺️.

  6. you were really close to the town "Lemmer" where i live, there is a World Heritage site here called the "ir. D.F. Wouda Gemaal" its the largest still steam powered water pumping station in the world. during the really wet months of the year, or during flash floods. it pumps 4.000.000 liters of water per minute (about 1 million gallons a minute) to prevent the "polders" from flooding, they have tours including a new VR experience i believe. and its always open when the station is active, i believe its even mentioned on national news when it starts up, and of course it gets posted on their official website. (woudagemaal nl) you can ofcourse visit when the pumping station is not operating but it takes away from the experience.

    recommended site for anyone to check out, and since Jovie lives here, i recommend the next flash flood or long rain falls. go check out if the pumping station is in operation and if so, visit!. it takes 23 hours to start up and usually runs for 2 days after that. a sight to behold for sure!

    the farm you went to, i go there stop for coffee or ice cream all the time on my way home from work. i drive the road in front of it every single day, fun to see! another great video Jovie!

  7. 2:10 Two names on the bottle…? I'm guessing you found two names in more places.
    I appreciate your guide's opinion regarding the Frisian "language" and I know that officially Frisian has been made what the Dutch call "de tweede rijkstaal", but I firmly believe that the majority of Dutch people view Frisian as no more than a dialect of the Dutch language.
    Btw… Your pronunciation of Frisian left me thinking that you thought it was the Dutch name for Frisian. It's actually English. The Dutch word for Frisian is Fries.
    No, not like the English word "fries." 🙂

  8. Leeuwarden is pronounced Lay-warden, not Loo-warden… 😉
    I'm sure everyone there told you to come back in winter when the canals are frozen over?
    Oh, and nevermind the suikerbrood-likeur, did you try Beerenburg? It's the national drink in Friesland, every town has its own recipe. It's a bit like Jägermeister, only much better.

  9. Nice to see Leeuwarden, the town I was born in and where I lived until my 17th. One of my old schools (Wissesdwinger MAVO) was situated next to the Prinsentuin, the park you were in. How often have I been to La Venezia in summertime to grab an icecream 😋 When you’re visiting Utrecht, also make sure you come to see Amersfoort, my present hometown for 34 years now. I don’t mean to be arrogant but I think it’s safe to say we have one the most beautiful and best preserved historical city centers in the Netherlands. Looking forward to seeing your video then 👍🏽


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