Gran Melia Arusha Tanzania Hotel Review

laatste update: 05-2022

Gran Melia Arusha Tanzania Hotel Review

This is a full hotel review of Gran Melia Hotel in Arusha, North Tanzania. This Arusha town is the Safari gateway to Tanzania. The Gran Melia Hotel is situated next to Mount Meru.

So somebody told me this was one of the best hotels in Tanzania So is that true?

So I’m gonna review this hotel in 7 categories below. I will show you everything about Gran Melia, including prices.

A stick around to the end of the video to see the final score

0: 00 Introduction for Gran Melia Hotel
0: 50 Room
4: 17 Location
5: 47 Facilities
9: 06 Food & Drink
11: 32 Service
14: 27 Cleanliness
15: 27 Value
15: 53 Final Score

1. Room

I got a double deluxe mountain view room for $325 USD per night so it’s not cheap. But you can get cheaper rooms for about 40 dollars less, with city views. So there’s two rooms. The is the living room which has TV, sofas, coffee table, powder room here, with toilet and sink and mirror and there’s a desk. Then there’s a massive balcony with amazing views of Mount Meru

2. Location of Gran Melia Arusha

Gran Melia Arusha sits slightly east to the Arusha town center, which is the main tourist base town for safaris in Tanzania You can do day trips to National parks, such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara and the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

The location is still fantastic, with plenty to do off the hotel grounds, excluding the parks. Such as:
visiting the many coffee plantations, The cultural Museum, Tanzanite Experience, Twiga local brewery, Visiting the Maasai Villages, Shopping mall or simply hanging out to exploring the Arusha town.

3. Facilities

Gran Melia Arusha has over 18 acres of landscaping, which includes tea and coffee plantations waterfalls, flowers, everything. It’s like being in a tropical paradise. So you can walk around and explore the grounds, as you please, under Mount Meru.

Onto the Fitness Center, which is quite spacious and has large changing rooms. But this is a good gym.

Now the lobby has a fantastic atrium with natural light from above. This really welcomes you into the hotel and is a really inviting place to hang out.

There’s also a business center with conference rooms and a huge ballroom for events. They also have a ballroom and finally there’s some shops including one that sells Tanzanite diamonds and surprisingly, the prices are quite good.

As you can probably tell these are some of the best I’ve seen for a hotel.

4. Food & Drink

Breakfast at Gran Melia Arusha had everything, including vegetarian options like cereals, breads, croissants, Danishes and salads. But I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of meat on display for breakfast You should see the bacon in this place it’s like a Kilimanjaro mountain of bacon. One minor annoyance, was the lack of sauces on the table.

5. Service

Okey so let Gran Melia Arusha off they’re not picking us up at the airport in time because they invited us for dinner. The only issue was the room service, which was slightly disappointing, everything else was fantastic.

6. Cleanliness

I was quite impressed with the cleaning standards that were met in this hotel during these pandemic times. I saw the staff clean regularly. The lifts had distancing signs and the facilities were well maintained, including the pool, gardens and gym. As you can see here they disinfect the gym every two hours which is excellent. Some slight issues with the travertine walls and floors. .

7. Value

So, value $325 USD for one night. It’s a lot of money. But it is a luxury hotel and i did get a big room, well two rooms actually and there’s a lot of other hotels that cost a lot more than that like over 400 dollars if you go to the Serengeti. However, I do understand that this simply is not in the budget for most people.

Overall Gran Melia Arusha

I’d recommend Gran Melia Arusha if you want a unique tranquil experience. I honestly I could stay there much longer and you cant go wrong with this hotel. So expect to be looked after. Just be careful on Hotel pickup!

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Russell M. Henderson (@ArchitectRussell) is a RIBA Chartered Architect based in Tanzania, East Africa. He also ‘edu-tains’ his passion for Architecture Travel & Film with video content on YouTube , TikTok & Instagram.