Hotel In den Hoof Maastricht in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Hotel In Den Hoof lies among the gorgeous hills of the province of Limburg, near Maastricht and various important connecting routes. From this historic hotel you can easily make excursions to cities like Liège and Aachen. Limburg’s typical hospitality and personal service come first in this 3-star hotel, where you may also enjoy the kitchen’s regional specialities.

Hotel In den Hoof is located in the beautiful countryside of Limburg, the southernmost province of The Netherlands. Here you can visit the caves of the St. Pietersberg (the highest land mass in Holland) or walk the ‘mergelroute,’ a scenic walk past various geological curiosities. This region borders on both Germany and Belgium, so that you may easily pay a visit to Aachen or Liège. A visit to the ‘Drielandenpunt’ (the point where the three countries come together) in Vaals is also highly recommended. For kids this site has an exciting labyrinth and a fun playground. The city of Maastricht has much to offer for lovers of arts and culture. Museums, shops, or monuments; all can be found within walking distance of the old city.

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