How Single Men Swing–Consenting Adults EP 52 Single Male’s Hotwife Dating Diaries in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

Single man’s #hotwife dating diaries:
David Webb –divorced, single, and lonely, was looking to find hotwives because he wasn’t looking for a relationship. He ended up falling in love with the first hotwife he slept with and is now in a poly triad with her and her husband. He talks about how single males should show respect for the husband, what kind of photos to use, and shares the good, bad, and embarrassing; like his problems retaining an erection. David and his hotwife couple are Christians, and have no problems reconciling the lifestyle with their faith. David shares his experiences in two books: Hotwife Dating Diaries & The Book of Secrets. You can find him in Twitter @berrybl54679793
#singlemen #swinger

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