HOW TO start a jacuzzi when the push button STOPS working/loses it’s prime…

laatste update: 03-2021

my homemade remedy/technique to start a jacuzzi when it constantly loses its prime…

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  1. Mark….I owe you BIG TIME on this! I was looking at replacing the pump. There was no hum, and the motor would not turn on at all. I looked at all sorts of suggestions from others regarding what might be the problem and then I ran across your video. You totally saved me money and frankly TONS OF TIME! I had a foot pump and did exactly as you showed and my tub fired right up! Couldn't believe I was so lucky. Frankly lucky that I saw YOUR VIDEO! Thanks so much for the posting:) Jeff Toy

  2. The air hose on mine fell off the push button. The button is on the backside of the tub, against the back wall. I've tried everything to snake the hose back around to the pump toward the front. Any ideas on how to reattach and run the air line from the back of the tub?

  3. Because the Bellow Switch had lost pressure it wouldn't push air enough by pressure. Mine stopped but worked after 5 tries! It could also be bust as it's rubber so look for a compatible Bellow Air Switch/Button.

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  5. Thank you!!!! When you flipped that light switch thing at the beginning it made me think, "does mine have one of those?" And sure enough the reset switch was popped on the GFCI for the room and pushing that fixed it! Thank you so much it's been way too long since that has been working! 😃🎶

  6. I ended up cutting the tubing and primed it because the installer of the tub tiled over the access to the tube at the button. I had access to the tubing and cut it, primed it from there and reconnected. Thanks for this video!!! Totally helped!

  7. Will this work in reverse? Mine is stuck in the on position and the button does not work. Do I just need to get some air in the line and then I will be able to turn it off? Right now I have to turn it off at the breaker.

  8. Man, had my Jacuzzi installed with the house in 2003 and it hasn't worked in years….haven't called a repairman. Unfortunately, mine is tiled in the front but they did build an access panel on the outside/left of the house so I'm hoping I can get to it from inside there.


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