If you’ve ever sat in a hotel hot tub, don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine | 22 Minutes

laatste update: 05-2021

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30 gedachten over “If you’ve ever sat in a hotel hot tub, don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine | 22 Minutes”

  1. I really find it entertaining to watch a "comedy" show basically shaming 1/2 of its viewers for having legitimate concerns about a rushed vaccines' safety. No propaganda here.

  2. You might not need to worry about a vaccine because your immune system is top notch, your not over 80, you dont have diabetes or asthma or cancer or aids or any other preexisting condition.
    Covid is just a moderately severe flu. If you have ever travelled to another continent you probably contracted worse while on the plane.

  3. It may sound funny but the real fact is that why they claimed to be safe then why they do need to have a non liability clause? You be the judge to it.

    Non liability clause mean they can kill you or injured you for life and you can not take any legal action against them.

  4. I asked my gp if it was safe to take this vaccine…I quote "All I'm going to say is that the fastest vaccine ever made took 4 years, so it is your choice whether or not you want to take it…"

  5. I had the mumps at the same time that I was scheduled for the smallpox vaccine. How many people remember those dime sized scars left behind at the injection site on the shoulder? It was at a time when doctors still made house calls and when he visited our home in Transcona, and he told my mother to re-schedule the vaccine appointment and let nature and my immune system take it's course; that was 50 years ago and I still haven't had my smallpox vaccine. In my teens, I had a friend that faithfully walked to the local pharmacy and took the seasonal flu shot only to walk around the next week sniffling and congested as if he was indeed ill; sort of shied me away from ever taking that shot in the arm; just seemed odd that he was seemingly healthy before the shot. My daughter is hyper vigilant as to what she allows her children to eat, I have to use secrecy and stealth just to give them a marshmallow banana from the five and dime for crying out loud, yet she is one of the people that society thinks is wearing tin foil for aligning herself with the anti-vaccer's. It's not misinformation to read the statistics that while children vaccinations have been continually increased, so has autism and sudden child infant mortality rates. You know, to the vocal protests and pleading from my son, I had to force him to the floor in a side office while a nurse administered a vaccination so he could continue in public school, and I still carry a sense of guilt to act as some type of correctional officer over my own child; hindsight being 20/20, I wish I understood better then as I would have at least attempted home schooling. Today, I have to disclose the people in my 'bubble' and my grandchildren are not allowed to visit; the moments of time I can spend with them is all my will to live holds. When I walk the hallways of this apartment of 400 people, it is eerie that everyone in sheltering in place, scared to leave their apartments, that I sometimes am left with the impression that I am the only person living here in this building. Strange that I was indoctrinated with the belief that 'smoking' was an anti-social behavior, when the only people that congregate on the grounds to make idle chit-chat are the smokers. The protocols are not going away even if COVID19 was to disappear today; this pandemic should not have been politicized. Masks and social distancing may, or may not, have 'flattened the curve' pertaining to the pandemic, but when I read about the devastation, the increases in arc of the curve, that lock downs and quarantines have created in unemployment, bankruptcy, hunger, home violence, addictions and suicides, it would have been wise to allow nature take it's course. I appreciate humour, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes has helped for a laugh or two each day, but this sketch is moreover propaganda made to seem as sweet as honey to accept the bitterness of government medical quackery that have expounded the death rates. Quite honestly I imagine that on this trajectory, 'Star of David' armbands will be required to be worn for those wishing not to take the vaccines, those not willing to "get with the program", maybe even seal up the doors of my apartment complex and pour zyklon b down the garbage shoot. The only thing about this video that adds shine is that 'she's a babe'!

  6. Am I allowed to get my information from all the people that have gotten the vaccine and subsequently suffered from debilitating side effects? I tend to trust first-hand testimonials, as opposed to scientists that can be bought off, or drug companies that routinely put profits over people.

  7. Former Pfizer Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Michael Yeadon, warns the new mRNA vaccines are likely to train the immune system to attack cyticin-1 proteins in placenta of pregnant women, leading to complications like birth defects, and possibly miscarriage.


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