Is Learning Music Theory Absolutely Necessary? | An In-Depth Discussion of Pros and Cons | LickNRiff

laatste update: 05-2021

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29 gedachten over “Is Learning Music Theory Absolutely Necessary? | An In-Depth Discussion of Pros and Cons | LickNRiff”

  1. Something most ppl don't know is every single bit of music you hear becomes part of you for awhile. Some lasts longer than others. So I only listen to music that strengthens my inner style that I like. But that's in part, why there has been so much musical failure after the year 2000 or so. That's when the fake cash grab pop music got outta hand.

  2. Why can't I smash the thumb up multiple times ?
    Seriously though, I like the way you describe your philosophy, the emphasis on the emotion we feel and share while playing.
    The day you come up with music theory lessons "your way", I'd be first in line

  3. Well that’s amazing. Only yesterday I decided to ease of learning guitar theory. And started learning songs, I was getting mixed up and frustrated, instead of going forward it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. Thanks you, you just put it all into prospective.

  4. Hi, I think you are right, because I can’t read or spell, I can’t understand theory very well I am dyslexic, I started playing the guitar two years ago I picked up the codes pretty quick but I came across Theory I understood it a little bit but it stopped me from playing for quite awhile because I didn’t think I could play the guitar because I didn’t know Theory. I started to look into it but with my dyslexia been bad it was all a bit of a shock, but months after I just picked up my electric guitar and put on a backing track and I just started listening to the music of the backing track and started to join in I I have learnt more from listening to backing tracks and learning the fretboard and how to listen to the music of the backing track and really get the feel for it I also picked up my own feeling of emotion, sad or happy or just playing along it was so emotional is the word I can say I felt at one with the music I feel I’ve picked up a lot more things, I can feel the music is the only way I can describe it I play better now than I did before my motion with the backing tracks I’ve put my own spin on it and I feel opened up to all the sadness to happiness the rock I feel I’ve learnt a lot more these last six months and I think my journey can only get better I think not been able to read and write properly has probably helped me where is my journey on the guitar, I feel there is more than just learning all these things that people want you to learn I think the feeling of feeling the music is much better if you get a greater sense of it, my journey is just starting for me I never thought I would be able to play the guitar let alone sound musical if that’s the word.

  5. I've never been a big theory learner. I learn the theory that helps with my current level of musicianship. As a beginner guitar player, theory was wasted on me, if I couldn't apply it to my playing. As my playing improved, my knowledge of theory increased when I wanted to understand what I was learning. In teaching guitar, I very rarely teach any theory, outside of the very basics. Theory is incredibly important for some types of music, but I agree with you. If you want to be able to just sit down and jam with friends, theory can be more of a hindrance than a help!!
    However, having said that, now that I have been playing guitar for a loooong time, I am now starting to get more interested in learning more about music theory. And having the experience I have, I don't think it will hinder my abilities to improvise, as opposed to many musicians I know who studied music theory while learning their instrument, great players from a piece of music written on a page, but not great when it comes to playing from the heart!!

  6. My background is in the visual arts so I know the theories behind color and design. My best teachers would stress that the theories are tools not shackles. The most important parts of your creation are freshness, energy, and presence. Theory can't give you any of those.
    Theory helps with 2 main tools:
    1) It can help give you some jumping off points when you get into trouble or when you need to fix something
    2) It can help you see the cliff edges as you go down your path. It doesn't stop you from going over the cliff, it just shows where it is.
    Theory is nice to keep in your back pocket but anything that distracts you from the total involvement in the moment of creation is not helping you.

  7. I'd say basic theory and modes are a good tool to utilize when you're a beginner to expand your knowledge and build a foundation from which you can expand on by doing whatever you want to do.

  8. If you understand a bit of Spanish you should watch this Pappo was one of the best Argentinean guitar players (invited by BB King for example) and look how he explains haha. Anyways, to do that you have to be super talented. I think theory gives you a frame and with a lot of practice you can get really good and break it sometimes. Saludos desde Argentina!

  9. I learnt very basic theory concepts to give some visual understanding of the fretboard which was enough to start writing half decent songs. Since then I just keep experimenting when writing, trying whatever chord sounds good after the one that came before it and don't really have any idea why it works. Recently had sort of an epiphany of "don't really need to know why that chord sounded good there because you don't want to write the same song twice anyway".

  10. Music theory is a tool,and it can help you with learning music.If you have a tool like hammer,you can use it hitting nails,and it is quite good for it.You can also use a rock,frying pan or many other hard objects doing the same,and some of them suits ok,others not so well.The trouble comes when you have a nail, and if you can`t find the hammer ,you are not able to figure out any other solutions for the job.. . 🙂

  11. With 45 years of playing guitar as an ear player who reads music very little, but has tried to learn bits of theory over the last 10 years or so, what I find that it really helps is in composing songs. Why? Because it makes one aware of creative possibilities and a quicker means to get to whatever might be in your head. I get stuck writing music, because I simply don't know enough places I might take it. And yet, I know when I've discovered something interesting or pleasing because all I need to inform me of it are my own ears!

  12. Very well said. You just confirmed what I have felt for long time. Starting with theory when I started playing guitar killed my motivation so my guitar ended up in the basement. I learned guitar when I skipped theory and suddenly after a year also theory made sense.

  13. There's so much on this channel I love; but I really disagree with the premise stated at the beginning of this video. Theory doesn't "box me in" or "limit my musical creativity" any more than learning English limited my creativity in writing stories. In fact, it's the opposite: developing some facility with English helped my creativity, as has learning some theory.

    Theory is not prescriptive. It's not a serious of rules you cannot break, and it never claims to be. The only rule in music is 'if it sounds good, it is good ' Music theory doesn't contradict that.

  14. if you learn enough theory and dont get hung up on TERMS…You can ALTER ANY
    CHORD degree into ANY TYPE of's just that MOST PEOPLE dont get TAUGHT/LEARN enough of it…If you learn different scales. You'll notice PATTERNS
    but theory use TERMS..that SOME people PERCEIVE as RULES..
    example….The Melodic minor scale is just dorian , Maj7
    You can simply continue the process….phrygian, maj7 = Harmonic min b2 = Lyd #6
    or dor b2. (the second mode of melodic min) dor b2, maj7 = melodic min b2
    aeo #4, ( 4th mode of harmonic min b2) to aeo #4, maj7 = double harmonic min
    or AKA …HUNGARIAN minor..
    HUNGARIAN MAJOR = Lyd #2, b7 or Mix #2, #4 = Harmonic min b5
    aeo b5 is the 6th MODE of melodic min into aeo b5 Maj7
    So….I'll RELIST it like this.
    Aeo maj7
    dor maj7
    phry maj7
    mix maj7 (CIRCLE of 5th…which was only invented in the early 1900's)
    loc maj7

    In a NUTSHELL I simply raised any MODE with b7 into a Maj7
    aeo b2…….aeo #4…….aeo b5
    dor b2……..dor #4…….dor b5

    so it;s just
    Harmonic min……….melodic min
    Harmonic min b2 melodic min b2
    Harmonic min b5 melodic min b5
    Harmonic min #4 melodic min #4

    mix b6 = V of melodic min into mix b6, maj7 = Harmonic MAJOR

    you just have to get the BASIC of V into I…..then V into i
    in other words play a dominant chord into a MAJOR or minor chord.
    For LEARNING ( or AT FIRST) learn how to play into MAJOR/minor TONIC
    but…it's just for LEARNING

    Then you learn how to DOUBLE harmonic min..
    or play a dominant chord into the a dominant chord.

    Then you simply…expand on it….
    A7 into D min G7 into C MAJOR
    A min B7 into E min F Maj G7 into C MAJOR…

    it's EASIER to SEE it on the FRETBOARD ( CYCLE of dominants or CYCLE of 4th)
    by now…you''ll be used to playing dominant chords into ANYTYPE of chords
    A min B7 into E dim F min Abmaj7 G7 into C MAJOR…

    or the 5 BLACK notes….it's just the CYCLE of 4th.
    but you would be used to playing Maj chords into minor chord. NOT just DOMINANTS.
    C Maj7 into F min G7 into C MAJOR = C Harmonic MAJOR

    it's just for reference….( the 5 BLACK NOTES)
    Bb7 into Eb7 into Ab7 into Db7 into Gb7…
    I use lyd #6….lyd #5, #6…Lyd #2, #6…or Ion #6 over any of those chord degree
    example….I could
    A min….Bb7 into Eb Maj7 ( C min)..or Eb Harmonic MAJOR…as a guide.
    A min Bb7 into Eb Maj7 Ab min ( Ab lyd b3) G phry b4 ( G min7 or G7) into C MAJOR….

    it;s the samething …is I play A lyd b3 ( melodic min #4)

    Amin B7 into E Maj7 F dim G7 into C MAJOR…

    Everything over laps…or you'll get used to playing various OPTIONS
    or A min G#7 into C# min/EMaj7 ( E Harmonic MAJOR)
    if you where using A melodic's just E mix b6…

    Once in C# min….It'll over lap again ( those so call N6 chords)
    Amin Bb7 C7 into F min Ab Maj7 G7 into C MAJOR
    C#min D dim E dim into F min Ab Maj7 G7 into C MAJOR

    DO YOU SEE it ????


    A min Bb Maj G min C7 into F min E7 into A min
    Amin Bb maj7 G min C min F min Db Maj7 Gb min G7 into C MAJOR

    RULES cant keep up with me… 😛
    It's UNLIMTED possiblilties

    even if I play blues…using all dominant chords

    E7 A7 B7…ect

    All these mode will WORK…and the FULL dim H/W…will too
    dor b2, #4 AND lyd b2, b7 ( b3 and Maj3)….or I can play D lyd dominant #2 to
    F# harmonic min b5…lmao
    A Harmonic MAJOR is just D min or dim E7 …lol

    anyways….I'll WING it.
    You can term it AXIS PITCH or TONE CENTER over EACH CHORD.

    mix #2
    mix #4
    Mix b2
    Mix b6
    mix #2, #4
    mix b2, b6
    Mix b2, #4

    phry b4
    loc b4
    dor b4
    aeo b4

    Sometime…the guitar has a SOUL of it's OWN.
    Theory simply HELPS me explain what the HECK HAPPEN ( when I noodle..lmao)
    So I can PLAY it AGAIN….Put in ON PAPER/..or some sort of record keeping)
    So when I here it 6 month later…..I can figure out what the hell I did …
    in my OWN SONGS…Figure out my own songs by EAR..lmao

  15. I agree…sort of. As a writer I feel first and listen for sounds that move me. However if you get stuck or you find yourself doing something you do every time, theory will help to expand your musical horizons. If you go to the five chord on every chorus but you don't have enough theory to figure out why your songs all sound the same… need theory. It helps you get the "hood up" and truly know what is working in your song and why. To me, theory and feel and should be weapons you can use equally well. It's just about knowing when you need one over the other. Just my opinion.

  16. Half the reason why I learn theory is so that I can better understand guitar instructors like yourself. This channel is not light on music theory at all.


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