11 gedachten over “Live : Groningen City Walking Tour (Netherlands)”

  1. Wow, Groningen is beautiful, it is even so beautiful when you see it from above. Great tour my friend!
    Before entering Forum Groningen, what did you do? wash hand with alcohol and … like 40

  2. We were last in Groningen in 2003 for a family wedding. My brother-in-law wanted to see the tallest point in the city, so he went up (Groninger?) tower. My sister, his wife, was 5 months pregnant so she didn’t go up. She went sightseeing nearby and came back 30 minutes later. She waited a few minutes and started to worry, so she asked the tower staff if they had seen him. They said, “You mean the American? Yes, he still hasn’t come down.” He was exhausted from all the walking. How did they know he was American? White sneakers.


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