Maastricht Historic City Centre – 🇳🇱 Netherlands – 4K Walking Tour

laatste update: 03-2021

Wandering through the historic city centre of Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands sightseeing the best highlights. This virtual tour includes a new feature that allow for a more in-depth and informative experience through in-video highlights with 🎧binaural audio recordings. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide.

Maastricht is a city and a municipality in the southeast of the Netherlands. It is the capital and largest city of the province of Limburg. Maastricht is located on both sides of the Meuse, at the point where the Jeker joins it. It is adjacent to the border with Belgium.

Maastricht developed from a Roman settlement (Trajectum ad Mosam) to a medieval religious centre. In the 16th century it became a garrison town and in the 19th century an early industrial city. Today, the city is a thriving cultural and regional hub. It became well known through the Maastricht Treaty and as the birthplace of the euro. Maastricht has 1677 national heritage buildings (Rijksmonumenten), the second highest number in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam. The city is visited by tourists for shopping and recreation, and has a large international student population. Maastricht is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network and is part of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, which includes the nearby German and Belgian cities of Aachen, Eupen, Hasselt, Liège, and Tongeren. The Meuse-Rhine Euroregion is a metropolis with a population of about 3.9 million with several international universities.

Date recorded: July, 2020
Weather: ☀️ 30C | 86F

Video Format: 4K 50FPS
Audio Format: WAV 96kHz
Binaural Audio 🎧 – Put on headphones for the best and immersive experience
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Highlights timestamps (☉ Street/Road | ★ Highlight):

▶(0:00) Start Virtual Tour
▶(0:12) St. Martins Church and River Meuse ★
▶(0:39) St Servatiusbridge ★
▶(1:33) Maastrichter Brugstraat ☉
▶(2:46) Kleine Straat ☉
▶(3:40) Muntstraat ☉
▶(5:08) Markt ☉
▶(6:55) Minckeleers Statue ★
▶(7:16) Maastricht City Hall ★
▶(8:20) Spilstraat ☉
▶(8:45) Entre Deux Shopping Mall ☉
▶(9:56) Dominicanerplein ☉
▶(10:29) Dominicaner Church Library ★
▶(13:54) Grote Straat ☉
▶(14:24) Vrijthof ☉
▶(15:12) Theatre Vrijthof ★
▶(15:49) Head Guards House ★
▶(17:05) Saint Jans Church ★
▶(17:16) Basilica of Saint Servatius ★
▶(18:09) Sint Servaasklooster ☉
▶(20:40) Papenstraat ☉
▶(22:40) Bredestraat ☉
▶(23:36) Lantaarnstraat ☉
▶(24:26) Kapoenstraat ☉
▶(25:43) Achter de Molens ☉
▶(27:26) Lang Grachtje ☉
▶(27:36) Remnants City Defence Wall ★
▶(29:05) Sint Pieterstraat ☉
▶(29:14) Minderbroederskerk – Church ★
▶(29:44) Waalsekerk – Church ★
▶(29:58) Achter de Oude Minderbroeders ☉
▶(31:22) Ridderstraat ☉
▶(32:53) Koestraat ☉
▶(33:39) Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein ☉
▶(33:45) Basilica of Our Lady ★
▶(37:55) Sint Bernardusstraat
▶(40:25) Helpoort “Hellgate” ★
▶(40:36) Helpoort ☉
▶(42:19) Begijnstraat ☉
▶(42:49) Sint Pieterstraat ☉
▶(44:42) Nieuwenhofstraat ☉
▶(46:23) Zwingelput ☉
▶(47:32) De Bosquetplein ☉
▶(48:25) Heksenstraat ☉
▶(49:39) City Wall and City Park ★

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  1. Hi, thanks for picturing my hometown! 😀 Great work, just one take, not only showing the highlights but also the parts in between!
    Just two small corrections to make: Kleine stRaat and Grote stRaat should both be Kleine Staat and Grote Staat…

  2. Que hermoso Maastricht – Holanda e incluso las chicas holandesas son muy bonitas, hermosas y guapas, yo si quiero viajar por allá para vivir, trabajar, casar con una chica holandesa y tener hijos holandeses


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