Maastricht in 100 seconds

laatste update: 03-2021

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As a first stop on our trip through Europe we have selected Maastricht. How we experienced the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg and one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, you will find out on our blog: l

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  1. Thank you for adding your video filmed in one of our favourite countries anywhere. It's characterful streets and houses and the quiet swish of bikes just charm me. I've just added 4k natural sight and sound walk through various towns of the Netherlands too, in appreciation. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more of the same?

  2. Ce que vous voyez ici était une fois jusqu'en février 2020. Entre-temps, Maastricht est aussi déserte que Pnom Penh pendant le règne de la terreur et le génocide des communistes Khmers Rouges de l'âge de pierre de 1975-1979.


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