Magnet Fishing Amsterdam’s Red Light District! in 2021

laatste update: 03-2021

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We went Magnet Fishing in the Red Light District Amsterdam and found loads of money.

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Found Gold VooDoo Jar while Magnet Fishing! (What’s Inside?)


She Can’t Believe it! Magnet Fishing in Amsterdam Went Crazy!!
Giant Locked Safe Found Magnet Fishing in Amsterdam (Multiple Safes Found!):
We’re Back! Magnet Fishing the Hotspot- What Will We Find This Time?

Gun, Jewelry, Money & Ammunition Found in Multiple SAFES! (Magnet Fishing)

Magnet Fishing a House Built in 1448! Crazy Finds *Cannonball Found*

HUGE Safe Found with Money Inside CRANE NEEDED

Crazy Magnet Fishing Find! Can’t Believe We Found this Magnet Fishing in Amsterdam

You won’t believe how much we Found! *Underwater Magnet Fishing*

We Found Loads of Safes in the River! *Criminal Activity* Magnet Fishing

The Police Can’t Believe What We Found (Magnet Fishing in Amsterdam)

Magnet Fishing GONE CRAZY *Police Everywhere* at the exact same spot!

Unbelievable!! Two Safes Found with Cash & Jewlery Inside (Magnet Fishing)

Magnet Fishing is Awesome!!! *Valuable Find*

Magnet Fishing with a Giant Magnet- Can’t Believe What I Found!

Fishing with a STRONG Magnet you won’t believe this! *Help Required*

Cash & Jewelry Found Magnet Fishing (Amsterdam RED LIGHT DISTRICT!)

Real Gold Found Magnet Fishing *Police Arrive* (Made it on the News!)

We found an Incredible Magnet Fishing Spot (Loaded with Artefacts)

Magnet Fishing with a CRAZY STRONG MAGNET

GOLD COIN *very rare* Found Metal Detecting- LIVE!

We found loads of Lost Jewellery!! Diving an Island Paradise… (Metal Detecting Underwater) Pt 1

How much Jewelry is lost here? (Underwater Metal Detecting) Pt 3

Diamonds & Rings Found on the beach!! *This beach is like no other beach*

Magnet Fishing GONE CRAZY *Police Everywhere*

300 year old Gold Ring *Found Metal Detecting*

Safe Found Magnet Fishing!! Police arrive + $$$ Camera Found!! WOW

Magnet Fishing *Stolen Wallet Found!* OWNER FOUND!!!

I Found a Gun Magnet Fishing! (Police Called)

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About Bondi Treasure Hunter
G’day, I’m Leigh and I search for treasure all over the world in all kinds of ways but most days you’ll find me scuba diving, metal detecting and magnet fishing. Thanks for watching the adventures on my YouTube Channel 🤙

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30 gedachten over “Magnet Fishing Amsterdam’s Red Light District! in 2021”

  1. Hi Sweetie I think you need a bigger and stronger magnet or Scuba Diver Suit. You will be there forever. Bless You for Trying. Sincerely from New York, USA ! Mrs. Diane Buckstad-Wenzel

  2. AAAAHHH, the first coin. I was shocked. I was just eating my breakfast and you showed it and …Its a Bulgarian coin, 1 stotinka, something like 1 cent. But there are a lot of Bulgarians visiting Amsterdam so I should't be that surprised, but still, very cool.

  3. You found a 1 Bulgarian cent coin 🙂
    What's on the back is the Madara Horseman, "an early medieval large rock relief carved on the Madara Plateau east of Shumen in northeastern Bulgaria, near the village of Madara". It is a national symbol. Cheers!


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