Maritime Hotel Rotterdam

laatste update: 05-2022

The Maritime Hotel Rotterdam has a 5-star location at the Maas river and the Erasmusbrug (bridge). Near the hotel you can take the Spido and the Fast Ferry boat to Dordrecht and by subway or tram you can easily reach the city centre, the Kuip (Feijenoord stadium), the Central Station and Ahoy (exhibition and concert hall).

The vicinity of the Maritime Hotel Rotterdam has a lot to offer, you can for example go on a boat tour, go on a shopping spree or have a fun night out. With the Fast Ferry you can reach Dordrecht in no time and during a boat tour with the Spido you will get tons of information about one of the largest harbours in the world. By subway you can reach the Ahoy in about 10 minutes, which is known for its concerts of world famous artist.

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