MartiniToren Tower in Groningen // 300 Over Stone Steps

laatste update: 05-2021

Hy everyone ,
In this video I’m made before pandemic seasons , nd was visit to Martinitoren Tower central city if Groningen ,where they’re I was live.

MartiniToren had history in the last 500 years , the Martinitoren tower has endured fire and lighting , nd has nearly collapsed. Wars have been won nd lost on it steps, but the tower has stood firm nd at 97 metres, is still the highest building in the city. If you think you can use a lift, think again, beacause climbing the tower is unremitting labour. Most visitor take about an hour for their visit. Which take in the 261 Martinitoren stone steps , centuries-old ornaments, heavy bells or giant flagpoles. On the first gallery, step outside to walk around the tower at a height of 39 metres.

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