Michelin-starred chef’s delivery burger a big hit in Amsterdam

laatste update: 05-2021

암스테르담 호텔 미슐렝 투스타 셰프… 펜데믹에 20유로 버거 딜리버리로 히트쳐

The pandemic has forced hotels and restaurants across the world to close their doors,… and the most luxurious hotel in Amsterdam is no different.
The Waldorf Astoria hotel,… with a two Michelin star chef and rooms starting at 700 U.S. dollars came up with the idea of 20 dollar burgers to go.
The executive chef who ran the two Michelin star “Spectrum” restaurant before the pandemic said creating the perfect burger, which they did not previously serve, involved serious research.

“Well, in this period of time, you know, in the middle of the pandemic, you get more and more creative and flexible and it doesn’t matter what you serve, but it needs to be good, it needs to be the best of what you can do.”

It’s been a success with hundreds of weekly orders,… and Uber Eats reviewers giving four-point-eight stars out of five.
But it is unclear whether the famous burger will remain on the restaurant’s exclusive menu after the easing of COVID-19 distancing measures.

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2021-04-20, 07:00 (KST)

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