laatste update: 03-2021

In September i went on a moto weekend trip in Drenthe with a couple of friends. Drenthe is in the North of the Netherlands and is truly a wonderful place to have a nice Moto Weekend trip.
If you like small roads, beautiful houses, and wanted to visit its famous hunebeds, make sure you ride your motor to this direction, you won’t regret it.

It’s almost the end of the season, make sure you prepare your bike for the winter, video here:

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I’ve started this channel because i am out of work since May 2020 because i work as a professional musician but there is zero work anymore since the Corona virus. So poor and broke as i am right now, ive decided to spend all my free time to build this channel and pass on my long experience as a motorcyclist to make the world a better and safer place.

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All music used in this video is from youtube’s own music library or Envato elements

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