ONLINE TALKING HEADS, Photography & Architecture : Unbeleuchtet with Bas Princen

Spaces that are literally kept in the dark have always been a substantial section of the public landscape of the city. Rarely these spaces are specifically designed or conceptualised, they most often simply exist: a space is left over barely lit, after which it might filed with rubbish or overgrown with weeds and brushes or even used by citadins in unexpected, unexplored ways. This is part of a Romantic idea of the city, implying that there are places to where escape or in which to hide in plain sight.

Bas Princen
Bas Princen is an artist and photographer living and working in Rotterdam and recently in Zurich. He was educated as industrial designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven and later studied architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Since then, through the use of photography, his work focuses on urban landscape in transformation, researching the various forms, outcomes and imaginaries of changing urban space.

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