Original Starlift Voorburg elevator at Oosterbrug parking, Groningen, Netherlands

laatste update: 03-2021

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This epic elevator looks quite much like the 1981 elevator in Schiermonnikoog, but complete and original. Really nice one!

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  1. Wow completely original and in good condition. I like that they have integrated the floor indicator with the call fixture and car operation panel, that's a variant you don't see very often. For a classic starlift that variant is somewhat rare. I have never seen this call fixture version before, but I have seen the car operation panel with illuminated floor numbers before. Btw, two weeks ago I uploaded a video of some lift parts that I got from a local lift engineeer who brought me a starlift floor indicator of the same vintage that he got from a demolished building.

  2. Just a Question, I'm planning on visiting Groningen in a few days. Is this carpark the "Oosterpoort" carpark? It seems reasonbly close to the railway station. Is this the kind of carpark that you need a ticket for in order to get inside from streetlevel? Some carparks have locked off pedestrian entrances and require the parking ticket to unlock the door. This will decide wheter I'm going by train or by car, because then I'll simply park here eventhough I'll prefer to go by train. I just need to film this lift.


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