Printing 3D houses in the Netherlands

laatste update: 05-2021

Coming to a neighbourhood near you – a house built using 3D printing. Architects in Amsterdam are using this latest technology to build a full-sized home. Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports from Amsterdam.

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  1. The future! This is one of the technologies I'm looking really forward to. You know why? Because these days people charge outrageous sums in my home-country of Norway, for the construction of a house. The idea that with a few simple key-strokes I can design my own house on a computer and "print" it out as a finished house is extremely exciting and can possibly reduce the price of a new house by not a half, not two thirds, but three quarters of the price or more! And THAT'S going to be EMPOWERMENT!

    (the foundation of houses excluded of course, as foundations will still need digging and shaping)


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