Ramsay’s Brilliant Reaction to Sports Car Themed Hotel | Hotel Hell

laatste update: 04-2021

The owner has designed his hotel to look like a sports car at an absurd cost. Ramsay has to check it out.

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30 gedachten over “Ramsay’s Brilliant Reaction to Sports Car Themed Hotel | Hotel Hell”

  1. This is the most ugly interior design of a hotel. Why people wants to pretend they know shit when they don't know anything? I mean why do you want to be inside an interior car hotel? Just make a hotel with homie furniture.

  2. There’s a way to do a themed hotel and have it still be comfortable. The owner could have done a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing car themed hotel for a fraction of what he probably spent on this design. Things like rooms themed after classic cars, with the really nice rooms themed and named after famous cars. Photos of classic cars in the rooms and halls with some info about them. If this is a thing, the chairs could have been seats from old cars that are still clean, nice looking and comfortable. For the amount he spent on those jacuzzis, I’m sure he could have arranged for it to happen.

  3. 759 dollars a night like WHAT THE FUCK? lmao who the fuck would stay there?? God damn quality inn ive been to had a nicer room with free breakfast and dinner buffet for 89 bucks for one night. my god.

  4. Who would pay that much to have a trash room like that. Not even a shower, and who would trust a public bathtub. Even if they clean it, which they probably don't, you will still have residue from the previous user somewhere.


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