RENAISSANCE CANCUN RESORT AND MARINA (Hotel and Room Tour, Jacuzzi Experience) in 2021

laatste update: 04-2021

Renaissance Cancun Resort was a mediocre stay for us. The hotel, which opened in February, is located at the beginning of the hotel zone in Puerto #Cancun, a 10-minute drive from downtown Cancun and right next to the city’s largest shopping center, which has more than 480,000 square feet of surface area, featuring more than 100 shops and restaurants. This was the only plus.

We are titanium status with #Marriott and we didn’t get complimentary breakfast. Policy states that if you are a Marriott member, you only receive continental breakfast and for the hot breakfast, it would include an additional fee. This applies to the resorts and even though this property didn’t feel like a resort, it for sure “acted” like one. In addition, a suite upgrade was not provided as we assume it was occupied.

The hotel in its entirety is nice relative to the location as it has a great view of the Marina and really close to plenty of restaurant and shops. The gym is spectacular with jacuzzis for both men and women. The pool is also really nice.

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  1. I see here on booking etc that they seem to want to cater to solo travelers, which I will be. How far to the beach is this hotel. I think I saw on that site that it seemed to be quite far…. if that matters.


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