Rotterdam on a Bike | Cycling around the Hotel New York in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Hotel New York in Rotterdam is a must-see. Rent a bike because cycling is the fastest way to explore Rotterdam!

Did you know?
– The building has been a national heritage site since 2000.
– The Dutch singer Anouk wrote her album Hotel New York in this hotel.

Hotel New York is a hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands, located in the Kop van Zuid area. Inside there were former offices of Holland America Lines – from 1873 to 1989 it was a Dutch shipping line, a cargo line and a cruise line operating primarily between the Netherlands and North America.
Thus, Hotel New York played an important role in the transport of many hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Netherlands to North America.

Stepping into the hotel is like stepping back in time. It all tells a story of dockside life over the years.

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