Senhit “Adrenalina” snippet tease and Interview on Freaky Trip to Rotterdam

laatste update: 04-2021

Senhit — San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 singer — jumped out of a plane to reveal her song title “Adrenalina”. We interviewed her at length about her Freaky Trip to Rotterdam moments before she took the plunge. We discuss her virtual hugs, “Freaky” and so much more. At 30:04 in the video, she plays us a snippet of her entry, which includes a rap from Flo Rida and we react.

You can relive Senhit’s stunning music videos from the past year below!

9° CHAPTER: “GOLDEN BOY/TOY” MASHUP (Nadav Guedj, Israel, Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and Netta, Israel, Eurovision song Contest 2019).

8° CHAPTER: “ALCOHOL IS FREE” (Koza Mostra feat. Agathōnas Iakovidīs, Greece, Eurovision Song Contest 2013)

7° CHAPTER: “WATERLOO” (ABBA, Sweden, Eurovision Song Contest 1974)

6° CHAPTER: “AMAR PELOS DOIS” (Salvador Sobral, Portugal, Eurovision Song Contest 2017)

5° CHAPTER: “RISE LIKE A PHOENIX” (Conchita Wurst, Austria, Eurovision Song Contest 2014)

4° CHAPTER: “CONGRATULATIONS” (Cliff Richard, United Kingdom, Eurovision Song Contest 1968)

3° CHAPTER: “DING A DONG” (Teach-In, The Netherlands, Eurovision Song Contest 1975)

2° CHAPTER: “EVERYWAY THAT I CAN” (Sertab Erener, Turkey, Eurovision Song Contest 2003)

1° CHAPTER: “CHEESECAKE” (Teo, Belarus, Eurovision Song Contest 2014)


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30 gedachten over “Senhit “Adrenalina” snippet tease and Interview on Freaky Trip to Rotterdam”

  1. Really good song this year !
    San Marino has jumped to Top 10 in odds . Never has that happened ever

    Good luck Senhit for making our Adrenaline flowing .

  2. I wanna thank every single one of you for supporting me and my team in the Freaky Trip To Rotterdam.
    During this difficult year, it was great and an honor to celebrate the Eurovision Festival with such an amazing creative team.
    Now enjoy ADRENALINA, I'm so proud of this song in a way you can't imagine.
    Thank you Wiwibloggs and thanks to the Eurovision family for always being there with me.

  3. This has been a horrible year but I feel Senhit’s positivity personifies how we are on the way up and out of this. She’s brought so much joy both in terms of her songs and her freaky trip and she will go down in history. Regardless of where she finishes in May, people will be talking about Senhit for years

  4. Im so happy that a true ESC fan favourite Act has returned with a song that can be competitive as well as a guilty pleasure for the ESC community! Bravo Senhit for working hard, keeping your ears on the ground and having a great strategy for 2021! Adrenalina is in my Top 5 so far and tbh I think it will stay there if the staging is epic

  5. Senhit is now my winner! Adrenalina is fantastic, San Marino deserves all the love, and Senhit is such a chameleon. And I can’t lie but her solar personality makes me like the song even more! Go Senhit!!

  6. As a tribute to Senhit and to the lovely Wiwibloggs stars William and Deban, I have added all the Senhit covers to Wikipedia Senhit page on Wikipedia. I don't know how long they will stay, but they are there now for the benefit of those who love Senhit. Thanks William and Deban for this superb interview.


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