Social sustainable temporary housing

laatste update: 05-2021

Documentary short on social, sustainable temporary housing in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Netherlands. Made by Lenny Valentino Schiaretti, edited by Alan Massimiliano Schiaretti. Interviews to resident students.

Documentario sull’edilizia temporanea, sociale e sostenibile ad Amsterdam ed Eindhoven in Olanda. Realizzato da Lenny Valentino Schiaretti, montaggio di Alan Massimiliano Schiaretti. Interviste a studenti residenti nelle strutture.

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Here in Italy, too, many students really can't wait to buy a car instead of using their bicycles… I think it's a kind of addiction to the machine… Anyway I really prefer to ride my bicycle! It's the best way to get around the city 🙂

  2. disgusting prefab sardine cans. any human looking at this should feel sick to think that some governments in the Western world are proposing these "living pods" as permanent homes for their people to live in. it's like a chicken battery farm.

    i'm not an animal waiting on deathrow to be slaughtered. i'm a human and want my own space and privacy, otherwise why work 9-5 if this is all we have to look forward to returning home to in the evening./

  3. This is how the future of an over-populated and exploited world will look like. You still might live in a big house in the country but the fuel to warmth it and the fuel to drive to your workplace might be quite expensive.
    People had to deal with worse in the Machine Age.

  4. Salve signor Alan, sono Valter Brigo. Non ci conosciamo, ma le ho fatto un commento al video: Covid 19, audizione del ministro Di Maio in Commissione Esteri (16.04.20): …in quel commento non volevo offenderla, ma e' la drammaticita' del presente che e' esasperante. Comunque, volevo dirle, che il suo ed il mio post sono stati cancellati dal quel video. Questa gente, questo "ministro", io l'avevo catalogato gia' dalla prima volta che lo vidi, dieci anni fa. Tutta la storia della politica italiana e' stata ed e' soltanto uno show, e questo, da molto tempo. Grazie, un saluto, ciao


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