The 20-Hour Party Train | World Without Planes

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*Filmed last year before the pandemic*

Imagine a world without planes. Well, imagine no more, as VICE looks to the future of travelling sustainably with their new environmental guide to getting around the planet. In this series, childhood friends Bupe Bhima & Matt Shea travel to countries across Europe by train, ferry, coach, bicycle and electric car to lower their carbon footprint but still have a banging vacation while doing it.

In episode two of World Without Planes, we hop on a 20-hour party train from Amsterdam to Budapest, bathe in tubs filled with beer, eat at Robert De Niro and Steven Spielberg’s favourite Jewish restaurant and party again at an illegal art rave.

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==>> Click Here for other Cities Hotel Deals in The Netherlands

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30 gedachten over “The 20-Hour Party Train | World Without Planes”

  1. I didn't know trains were ever considered as a mode of transportation for "posh travel riders only" in our modern 21st century society. A round-trip Amtrak ticket for 1 adult from my city to LA and back home, with 1 bus transfer each way, is only between $65-$75, depending on your days of departure/arrival and whether you choose an unchangeable (can't change dates/times), non-refundable ticket or an exchangeable and refundable ticket. That doesn't seem expensive to me, considering that the aforementioned trip takes between 4-5 hours one way, depending on traffic. The price I quoted above, also takes current COVID-19 conditions into account. Before the pandemic, a round-trip exchangeable, refundable ticket was $70 even, so the price of train tickets really hasn't risen that much. You'd probably pay close to that amount on fuel for your own vehicle anyway. Train trips are relaxing and quite enjoyable, minus the whole train/charter bus bathroom situation lol! Here are my pros and cons for taking a train versus driving myself:

    • Relaxing/Peaceful/Enjoyable/Scenery
    • Food Cart
    • Alcohol permitted
    • Comfortable seating, Table seating
    • No stopping for bathroom breaks
    • A/C and Electrical outlets

    • No smoking/vaping (could probably vape a few puffs in bathroom if stealthy)
    • Slightly limited food/drinks options in Food Cart
    • Bathroom sanitation and possible wait time for use
    • Limited reclining unless overnight/sleeper car ticket purchased

    I think that's about it. Riding the train hasn't only been a relaxing/enjoyable experience for me, but I relied on it for transportation on longer voyages when I started having major anxiety attacks on my car trips to LA where my boyfriend lived at the time. I still have anxiety attacks while driving from time to time, but since the distances of my average "travels" are no more than 45 miles one way, my anxiety is a little easier to manage. I just really loved that I could "kick back and relax" for the entirety of my trips to LA and when I was younger, to San Francisco. It's definitely a mode of transportation I'd recommend for people that have to travel more than an hour by car if they have bad anxiety like myself, or for people with physical disabilities that make driving very difficult for them. I'd now like to thank you for reading my review on traveling by train! 😂

  2. I fail to understand how this is ok with a virus still present, and why people act like this virus has been here for years, it's literally been months! People waste so many years of their lives and now their lives are not being wasted, it's changed because of a virus. This train thing is unsanitary, no matter how you pretend a pandemic is not here, that won't make it not exist.


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