The Lovely Swiss Villas That Could Destroy An Army

laatste update: 05-2021

How do you hide a deadly military fortress? Well if you’re Swiss, you paint it pastel pink and pretend it’s a harmless family home. I went to the shores of Lake Geneva to find out more…


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  1. man! I was born in Nyon and lived most of my life in the area, but I had no idea that the reason they disguised the bunkers on that road was to not freak out the french tourists xD. Thanks for this informative and funny video. (btw I never knew about that mint villa either…)

  2. There are also a few fake villas in the Netherlands. Built during World War II by the German occupation forces.
    The problem – they are extremely expensive to destroy, even when considered useless today.

  3. The best protection for Switzerland is not their bunkers, but their banking system open to dictators throughout history. This is why for example Hitler never invaded Switzerland.

  4. Swiss or Swaziland is the HOME of the Satan 😈. 4 this my Friends, nobody but Jesus. Neutralität ist nur ein Fake. The Faschisti are not Death. 4 this wurde die Schweiz im second
    👻 open your Eyes.

  5. First, it's lake Leman, second, the places in Switzerland that could destroy your army are underground. It makes me laugh when foreigners say that kind of absurdities about my country and it's defense/offense systems. Don't worry you will probably all know about what's real and how it could destroy your life soon, depending on how the governement becomes more stupid and crazy it's been until now. Have fun with the future babies.

  6. Check out John McPhee's book "La Place de la Concorde Suisse" in English. The Swiss are armed to the teeth, all men keep army gear in their homes on the ready, the mountains are carved out and full of air hangers and cannon, and the bridges are already mined. PS, once in CH I wanted to have sex but didn't know where to get the permit.

  7. Yeah yeah the swiss and the old myth about being totally neutral. This neutral nonsense worked well in my home country Portugal too, but there are clear signs a lot of Nazi gold and murderers got safe pass through both countries and a lot of help.

  8. One of the reasons why they don't build it to the side of Germany is that the Border between Switzerland and Germany a River is. In each Bridge there was Explosivs in to Blow de Bridges up.

  9. Nice presentation and interesting facts but beware of calling someone 'the worst person in history'. 'History' covers a very long time and Hitler has some stiff competition. (Just realised my pun! 😄)


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