The One Who Got Away | ** Travel Day ** Groningen to Amsterdam to Rome in 2021

laatste update: 04-2021

What did you learn from your First Love? Rain travels all day from Groningen to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam to Rome. Italy will prove to be a rewarding place after much work and travel. This will kick off 2 1/2 weeks in warm Southern Italy for the Summer. Groningen to Amsterdam to Rome to Naples!! Ciao!

Intro “Remember” Rain Fingerhut
“Morning Glow” AM Sound
“Touch the Sky” Tomas Novoa
“Hip Jazz” Bensound
“Once Again” Bensound

Apollo Groningen
Health Food Wall
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
KLM Crown Lounge Schiphol Airport
Royal Dutch Airlines Business Class
Rome Airport
Hilton Rome Airport

Additional Content
100 People Talk About Their Lost Love | Keep It 100 | Cut

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