Tokio Hotel – Noise @ Utrecht (Feel It All Tour) in 2022

laatste update: 05-2022

I don’t have the beginning unfortunately.

My camera had trouble staying in focus because of the lights, the distance and me shaking, but I did my best! c:

Tivoli, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Want to see more? Scroll down for the rest.

The first 8 songs from the concert were filmed with our video camera, then a guard came to tell us we weren’t allowed to use it, so the rest is filmed with my normal camera and thus less good quality (still good sound and more close ups, but my camera had trouble staying in focus, because it wasn’t made for this).

Complete setlist:

1. We Found Us (video camera)

2. Girl Got A Gun (video camera)

3. On The Dark Side Of The Sun (video camera)

Bill speaking before CoG

4. Covered In Gold (video camera)

5. Feel It All (video camera)

6. Louder than Love (video camera)

Fan action

7. Never let you Down (video camera)

8. Noise (camera)

9. Kings of Suburbia (camera)

10. Invaded (camera)

11. Run Run Run (not recorded by mistake)

12. Rescue Me (camera)

13. Automatic (not recorded)

14. Screamin’ (camera)

15. Stormy Weather (not recorded)

16. Masquerade (not recorded by mistake)

17. the Heart Get No Sleep (camera)

18.Love Who Loves you Back (camera)

19.Durch Den Monsun (camera)

20. Great Day + goodbye (camera)

I do not own this music. All rights reserved to the band and record label.