TRANSFER at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Airport Tour – Airport Information

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We are at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is our Transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where we make our way to the Gate for our KLM International Connection Flight to Kuala Lumpur. After we have made it to the Gate we give you a Tour of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In this video we show you what it was like for us to have a Transfer at Amsterdam Airport also called a Connection Flight. We have just arrived on a KLM Flight from Copenhagen and now have to reach our KLM International Flight to Kuala Lumpur. We take you through the airport, through Immigration and on towards our Gate to show you what walking through the Airport is like. While we walk, viewers are given views of Duty Free Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Souvenir Shops, Lavatory Areas, Luxury Shops, Play Areas, Smoking Rooms, Information Desks, Airport Lounges and more. After we have arrived out our Departure Gate we take the viewer on a Tour of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. If you would like to watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this 4 Part flight you will find them both here:
– Part 1, KLM Trip Report flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam

– Part 2, Bus Ride through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Apron from the plane to the airport Terminal

We are flying from Copenhagen to KUala Lumpur via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Wiki writes about Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ”
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, known informally as Schiphol Airport, is the main international airport of the Netherlands. It is located 9 kilometres southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, North Holland…”




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  2. You know I transited through Amsterdam on the way to Barcelona 4 years ago and cant remember even slightly what it looked like Lol , I do remember we found a nice bar and had a couple of beers though ! Glad you two weren't rushed through on this trip , nice to see you both relaxed ! All the bestMaxi and Maro

  3. Wow maxi and maro wow my favourite beer heineken , and i forget to say how beautifully the airport is wow i'm speechless lmfao lmao lol cheer's have a safe and sound flight , & i hope you guys could make more vlogs / videos like this + on the plane too giving as a tour on the upper deck like frm first , business class and maybe some of the crew chit chat with them about airplanes and stuff lol thank you so much for making amazingly great vlogs/videos for all your fans to watch haha

  4. Very nice video! I've been in Schipol once and I loved it even though my gate was ~15 minutes away from main shops.
    I can't wait to go there in April! Then I am transfering from EU country to an another EU country 🙂
    So excited even though I don't get to see lobby of the airport (only just over an hour transfer)

  5. Good morning 🙂 lovely airport tour! I have watched it for the 2nd time it’s always nice to tag along

    We also decided to eat some Dutch pancakes there in September. I was a little bit disappointed … the quality was not that great.

  6. We thoroughly enjoyed this gentle pace through Schiphol as on the occasions we have transitted there we have been racing to catch our connections and had no chance to take in anything. Thank you ad always for great footage. 👍

  7. What a nice airport in Holland. Maro looks egar for her glass of wine lol…. but then it had to be a beer….. Ha ha ha ha.

    I'll have to watch the klm vid soon, to see what the Dutch Airline is like….. I usually like to fly Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa to Europe, from here in Australia. But if it was cheap enough, I'd do KLM and even Swiss.

    I'm not planning any travel till 2023.

    We've smashed the covid 19 curve here and are slowly opening up again, but only nationally.

    This virus must have really messed up all your travel now…. How are u doing in Denmark with Covid-19, and will u start travelling again when things open up, or will u be scared till there is a vaccine, at least?

  8. Great Video, I fly into Schiphol every two weeks, Going to, and from my work in Norway, The Grand Cafe is my favourite, outbound. And the KLM Petroleum Lounge on the homeward journey.
    Wherever you are in Schiphol the Floor is Beige, When you see the floor change colour to Black with silver specks, then you know you are in the Center of Schiphol. And beneath you is the Train Station, Straight to Amsterdam.


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