Veluwe national park & airbnb cottage | Netherlands travel vlog

laatste update: 05-2022

In this Netherlands travel vlog we explore the national park of Hoge Veluwe and Veluwezoom. We also stay at an airbnb cottage that´s nearby.

Day 1: We arrive at the airbnb located in Gelderland. Check out the facilities, there´s a jacuzzi which I really love. We go for a stroll in the forest, have a barbeque and sit by the fireplace outside.

Day 2: We go to the National park: Hoge Veluwe and do two different hikes, and enjoy some lunch. In the evening we enjoy our jacuzzi, have dinner and relax.

Day 3: This day we drive to Veluwe zoom, this area is completely covered in the most beautiful blossoming heather flowers. It truly feels like walking in some kind of fairytale. We also have lunch at Velp and go to a lookout spot.

Day 4: We pack our things and have to check out from the cottage. We have lunch at Barneveld. After that I go horse riding in the forest, so much fun!

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