We flew a paramotor through Corona Arch, but one of us crashed! in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. This was my first attempt a while back to fly a paramotor through Corona Arch in Moab Utah. I have tried several times, but the weather has grounded us both times. We got lucky this time. We also interviewed the original legend himself Tim Martin also known as “arch enemy”. He was famous for flying full size aircraft through the arches.
Join us on this adventure and yes unfortunately one of us crashed.
Filmed & Produced by : Tage Plantell

Intro – 00: 00-02: 56
Interviewing Legendary Tim Martin -02: 57-07: 00
Flight Plan/Pre Flight – 07: 00-10: 10
Take off /Flying through the Arch- 10: 11-11: 30
Kevin’s Crash – 11: 30-14: 50
Debrief – 14: 51-17: 11